Parish Finance Committee

Chairperson Jim Schliebs
Secretary Nola Turner
Members Bob Witherdin
Ann McCosker
Lyn O'Brien
Tim Newberry
  1. There are two [2] main accounts in the parish: The CHURCH Account; and the PRESBYTERY Account. All parish funds are deposited with The ARMIDALE DIOCESAN INVESTMENT GROUP.
  2. The 1st Collection at mass goes to the PRESBYTERY Account; the 2nd Collection[Planned-Giving Envelops; & Loose Money] goes to the CHURCH Account.
  3. The CHURCH Account Income comes from the 2nd Collection as already mentioned; and also from Parish Bulletin sponsorships; from undesignated donations; and from Direct Debit contributions to the PGP.
  4. The CHURCH Account pays for: Building Repairs & Maintenance; Capital Expenses; Car-related Expenses [Priest's Car Allowance; Insurance; Travelling; Parish Share of Car Loan]; Catechetics; Church Supplies; Copyright License Fees; Diocesan Levy; Computer-related Expenses; Electricity & Gas; Grounds & Garden Expenses; Honoraria/Stipends; Equipment Repair & Maintenance; House-related Expenses; Insurances; Office-related Expenses & Stationary; PGP-related Expenses; Wages; Shipping & Postage; Shire Dues/Rates; Photocopier-related Expenses; Supply Priests; Subscriptions & Publications; Tel/Fax/Internet/Mobile; Clergy Retreat [retreat facilitator] and Conference [accommodation/registration/etc.] related expenses; Youth Programme; House [5 hours fortnightly] and Church Cleaning [5 hours a week]; etc.
  5. The PRESBYTERY Account Income comes from the 1st Collection as already mentioned; from Stole Fees[starting January 2013: Baptisms <$ 75.00 distributed as: Presbytery Account - $ 30.00; Priest’s Share - $ 45.00>; Marriages <$ 300.00 distributed as: Presbytery Account - $ 100.00; Priest’s Share - $ 200.00>; Funerals < $ 225.00 distributed as: Presbytery Account - $ 75.00; Priest’s Share - $ 150.00>]; and from the Easter and Christmas Dues.
    The PRESBYTERY Account pays for: the monthly stipend of the priest [currently $ 1,020.00/month]; newspapers; housekeeper [5 hours fortnightly]; meals / groceries / food / drinks; Stole Fee Excess [priest’s share as No. 5 above]; and Retreat-related expenses [food and accommodation].
  6. At the end of the year, the excess from the PRESBYTERY Account is submitted to the Armidale Diocesan Clerical Salary and Retirement Fund which pays for the salary of retired and sick clergy.
  7. Mass Stipends are personal to the priest.